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Totaled Car?  How To Get The Money You Deserve For Your Car

By Jason Farbiarz

Was your vehicle totaled in a recent accident or incident?  Did the insurance company call you with an offer on your totaled car?  Prior to signing anything, it is recommended to consult with an expert.  Find out if you are actually entitled to more money by requesting a FREE CLAIM EVALUATION on the right of this screen or by calling (888)-967-6488.

Did you know that over 95% of total loss claims are underpaid by the insurance company? 

When an insurance adjuster makes an offer, you do not have to accept it.  Find out from a licensed professional, what the proper steps are to follow to secure the maximum amount for your claim.   You pay your premiums every month, you should be compensated by what your policy states since you pay for it.

How long does it take to recover the maximum for my total loss?

In as little as 3 days, you could have literally additional thousands of dollars in your pocket.  Have a questions, call us anytime at (888) 967-6488.

I think my car is repairable and should not be totaled, but the adjuster is giving me no option, is there a solution?

Yes, under certain conditions, you may be able to have your car repaired and not totaled.  Contact us for more information.

Car totaled still owe on loan?

If the auto body shop is able to repair your vehicle, under certain conditions, you may be able to keep your car and have the insurance company pay for the repairs.  Our Free Claim Evaluation will allow us to review your claim to determine eligibility.

My car is a collectors car, but the total loss car value by the auto adjuster was way off!

The collectible value of a car varies upon many conditions.  Our experts review collector cars, antique cars, classic cars, and muscle cars and evaluate the fair market value that takes collectible value into account.


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