Diminished Value

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Diminished Value FAQ’s

By Jason Farbiarz

What is Diminished Value?

After an accident, it is commonly known that the vehicle, once repaired, loses value because of its accident history.  Consumers know that even though a damaged vehicle is repaired and appears to be in good condition, there could be unseen damage and unforeseen issues with the vehicle.  In fact, used car buyers are encouraged to research the vehicle history before making a purchase, and many car dealers are not allowed to sell cars that have been in accidents.  Hence, a car with an accident on its history will sell for less on the market.  This loss in value is referred to as the diminution in value, more commonly known as the diminished value.

How Do I Get Paid for Diminished Value?

Most auto insurance companies will not initially offer to pay for the diminished value.  While in each state insurance companies address diminished value differently, depending on the details of the accident, you may be entitled to the diminished value of your vehicle today even if your car accident happened up to four years ago! Find out if you are eligible to receive the diminished value through our FREE CLAIM EVALUATION.  Please submit your information online or call (888) 967-6488.

How Long Does It Take to Get Paid?

With professional assistance, you may get paid in as fast as 3 days.   Each insurance company has a different but similar process in dealing with their claims.  Our professionals are experts at the claim process, diminished value appraisals, and negotiation.

What if My Diminished Value Claim Was Denied?

There still may be time to re-negotiate for diminished value.  Let our experts assist you to re-open the claim and get you paid.  Submit a Free Claim Evaluation or call us for more details.

Is There a Policy Limit on a Diminished Value Claim?

Insurance policies must be evaluated.   As not at-fault claimant, there may be challenges when communicating with the insurance company of the at-fault insured.  Since you may not have a policy with that insurance company, you may not get all your questions answered.  A diminished value professional can assist you to find out about any policy limit for diminished value.

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