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    Get a Diminished Value Appraisal

    By Jason Farbiarz

    Get the maximum value of what you lost in from your accident from AutoClaimDamage.com

    Your car may have appear to have been repaired to mint condition after the accident, but its worth may be thousands less.  Accidents take a toll on a vehicles value, but you may be entitled to the money for that loss.  Depending on your state’s laws and codes you still may have time to recover your loss in cash.

    But don’t expect the insurance company to help.  Some owners file a claim themselves, but most end up hiring a private company, such as AutoDamageClaim.com or ProClaimHelp.com, to assist with documenting a diminished value appraisal value and negotiating the claim.

    Here are some examples of recent settlements from a diminished value appraisal:

    2010 Hyundai Sonata in accident in February, 2012.  Client received $3,500 for diminished value.

    2008 BMW 3 Series in accident May, 2013.  Client received $5,400 for diminished value.

    2013 Ford Edge in accident August, 2013.  Client received $4,200 for diminished value.

    2006 Honda Accord in accident January, 2013.  Client received $1,800 for diminished value.

    diminished value appraisal by a licensed professional

    The process to recover the diminished value can be complicated.  There are many factors that go into calculating the real diminished value.  There is no magic calculator or formula that works every time for every insurance company.  Professionals seasoned in assisting with these types of claims can make a big difference.

    Often, submitting a diminished value appraisal to the adjuster at the insurance company is not enough.  You may find yourself waiting weeks or months for a response, and when you get the response it may even be a denial letter.  Once you are denied, you still may have a chance, but it may be even more difficult to recover.  The most ideal diminished value claim is handled by a professional from start to finish.

    If you have been in an accident and your vehicle was repaired, find out today if you are entitled to recover the loss of value.  Call (888) 967-6488 for a free evaluation.

  • How to File an Auto Claim

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    How To File An Auto Claim

    By Jason Farbiarz

    It is very likely you will have to file an auto insurance claim at some point in your life.  With over 200 million drivers in the US, accidents are unfortunately inevitable.

    Thankfully, the overwhelming majority of auto accidents do not involve any serious injury.  However, damage to your vehicle needs to be addressed appropriately and the insurance company is not always on your side.

    While calling the insurance company to report the claim may seem simple, there are lots of steps in the process that you should be aware of to make sure you get everything you are entitled to.

    Step 1: (at scene of the accident): Call 911 and wait for the police to get there.  The report that the police make is very important because it documents the details of the accident impartially.

    Step 2: Get the license plate numbers, names and phone numbers, and auto insurance information from all parties involved.  Drivers are required to carry their insurance card with them, so be sure to write down the insurance company name, policy number, and the name of the insured on the card.

    Step 3: Find witnesses and be sure to get their contact information.  Determining who was at fault in the accident can be helped by any witnesses on the scene and is very important.  Specifying who is at fault, or partially at fault, can make a big difference in the overall settlement of a claim.

    Step 4: Call your insurance company and to report a claim.  Be sure to write down the claim number and the date and time of the accident for your own records.  Even if the accident was not your fault, it is still your duty to report the loss to your insurance provider.  If you are unsure how to report the claim or not certain if you are covered, try contacting an auto public adjuster.  A public adjuster is licensed to assist you with all aspects of a claim.  A public adjuster does not work for an insurance company.

    Step 5:  Tow your vehicle to a body shop of your choice.

    Step 6: You will be contacted by an insurance adjuster, an employee for the insurance company, to inspect the vehicle.

    Step 7: Rent a car.  Most policies include a limit for car rentals.

    Step 8:  If your adjuster tells you that your car is a total loss and makes an offer to you, do not sign off for it before you speak with a licensed public adjuster, you may be entitled to additional money.  settlement offer is too low, you should contact an auto public adjuster immediately.

    Step 9: Once your car is repaired, the value of your car often goes down.  Accidents are publicly and permanently attached to the vehicles involved.  Car buyers generally prefer a car that not been in an accident to reduce the risks of mechanical or frame issues down the line.  This loss in value, or diminished value, may be recoverable.  Contact an auto public adjuster for more information.

    Jason Farbiarz, of AutoDamageClaim.com is a seasoned licensed public adjuster with a 95% success rate to get you the money you deserve.

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